I own Brent Morgan, Chartered, an Idaho professional corporation for the practice of law.


I was born and raised in Southeastern Idaho, and graduated from the University of Idaho with a BS in Finance. I was first employed in the Management Training Program in the accounting department for Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan, before joining the U.S. Air Force in 1969 during the Vietnam era. I was trained and served as a Weapon System Operator in the F-4 Phantom and remained on active duty with the Air Force for 6 years, during which I received a Master’s in Business Administration from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California. I left active duty in 1976 to join the Utah Air National Guard and to attend J. Reuben Law School at Brigham Young University, where I received my Juris Doctorate in law in 1979 and practiced law in Utah for two years before moving back to my home state of Idaho and have now been practicing law in Pocatello since 1981. I continued to serve with the Utah Air National Guard for over 25 years, retiring as the Director of Operations in 2000 with the rank of Colonel.


I have maintained a general practice, including cases involving personal injury, misdemeanor criminal cases, wills and trusts and probate; but, over the years I have increasingly specialized in divorce and family law cases, including custody and child support modifications, prenuptial agreements, adoption, guardianships and mediation. Over 90% of my cases are resolved out of court, but I am more and more involved with complicated custody and property disputes that require a significant amount of trial work. Regardless, I have been trained in the mediation of disputes of all kinds and my objective is to resolve your case in the most efficient and economical manner that is possible, including all methods of alternative dispute resolution that are available. I know that you want you issues resolved, not aggravated. If I can’t help you, I am going to tell you that. If you are aggravating your own case, I am going to tell you that. I am experienced in recognizing both sides of every dispute and I am going to make sure that you understand both sides of your case, what the issues are and how they can be resolved.


I offer a free half hour initial consultation – for your benefit and for mine. I want you to meet and get to know me before you retain my services; and, I want to meet and get to know you and your issues before I take your case.  If you think I can help you, call me.


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